Extremely rare publications - BROODTHAERS... - Lot 561 - les ventes Damien Voglaire SRL

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Extremely rare publications - BROODTHAERS... - Lot 561 - les ventes Damien Voglaire SRL
Extremely rare publications - BROODTHAERS - SWENNEN (Walter), BENI (Umberto). Collection of various documents and publications by Beni and Swennen. This rare set contains: 1. the collection "Je suis un poète" by Umberto Beni: 1 magazine of photoromans including numerous interventions, typescripts pasted in full, handwritten title and annotation, as well as a full-page illustration pasted on p. 4, signed M[arcel] B[roodthaers] and titled "À Beni, poète de Je suis un poète, M.B, 1968" (first edition printed in 20 copies, this one is number 5). Attached is a typescript poem signed by Beni: 1 sheet of 16 lines which ends with this sentence: "Marcel Broodthaers born crazy dead buried in a pot under a yellow smile and red eyes / eaten by little black beasts with sunglasses for res[s]urection at the ouv[s]erture friture Léon".- 2. "Les Tortues". Special edition. No. 3 (responsible editor: W. Swennen). 1 envelope containing 1 letter printed in blue: "On the occasion of an opening of Marcel Broodthaers' poster-objects in a gallery on 23 April 1969 (...)". 3. 1 envelope containing several documents, including Walter Swennen's open brief, Beni's love poems, Jean Toche's manifesto, 1 collage by Robert De Boeck, etc. 4. 1 magazine from November 1967 by Umberto Beni "Je suis", under a borrowed cover printed in red and black - 5. Slogan-poems by Walter Swennen, printed in black on yellow paper, 1 dated 1969. In 1965, Walter Swennen (Brussels, 1946) began writing poetry and gave public readings. He met Marcel Broodthaers in April at the opening of his exhibition "Objets de Broodthaers" at the Galerie d'Aujourd'hui. He published "Ballade Pop", a poem dedicated to Broodthaers, in the magazine Phantomas. He took part in "Au pied de la lettre", a happening organized and hosted by Broodthaers, in the rue de la Pépinière, which focused on the pitfalls of poetic communication. In May 1968, he lost interest in visual art and distanced himself from the facilities of conceptual art. He formed the "Accuse" group, as active as it was short-lived, with Brigitte Baptista, Umberto Beni, Francine Lichtert and Jean Toche. Broodthaers mentioned Swennen as an important reference in an open letter dated December 2, 1969, written on the occasion of his Literary Exhibition around Mallarmé held at the Wide White Space gallery in Antwerp. Walter Swennen's retrospective at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Charleroi in 1991, at Mukha in Antwerp in 1996 and at Wiel's in 2013-2014. Umberto Beni is a Belgian poet, French-speaking, born on 16 April 1942 in Brussels. Jean Toche (1932-2018) is a Belgian-American abstract artist and poet involved in the radical political art scene in New York. Nice and rare set.
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