"Bibliothèque internationale d'Érotologie".... - Lot 630 - Les ventes Damien Voglaire SRL

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"Bibliothèque internationale d'Érotologie".... - Lot 630 - Les ventes Damien Voglaire SRL
"Bibliothèque internationale d'Érotologie". P., Pauvert, 1958-68, 22 vol. in-12 square, paperback or full publisher's black cloth. Includes: LO DUCA. Technique de l'érotisme (1958) - LO DUCA. History of Eroticism (4 vols., 1959-1967) - GINZBURG. The "Underworld". Panorama of eroticism. English field (1960) - DEHOÏ. Eroticism in the "Thousand and One Nights" (1960) - BATAILLE. Les Larmes d'Éros (1964) - VOLTA. The Vampire (1962) - LEWANDOWSKI. The "Underworld". A panorama of eroticism. Domaine allemand (1962) - VILLENEUVE. Le Diable. Erotology of Satan (1962) - WOO CHAN CHENG. Erotology of China (1963) - JAKOVSKI. Eros du Dimanche (1964). Eros Modern'Style (1964) BENAYOUN. Erotics of Surrealism (1965) ROMI. Mythology of the breast (1965) BANACH. The "Underworld". Polish domain (1966) - DOMINGO. Erotics of Spain (1966) - LESOUALC'H. Erotics of Japan (1968) - LO DUCA. Dictionary of Sexology (2 vols., 1965). Jean-Jacques Pauvert meets Lo Duca through André Breton. This man of letters and cinema helped found Cahiers du cinéma, from which he was dismissed in 1951. In 1958, Pauvert and Lo Duca founded the "Bibliothèque internationale d'érotologie", which Lo Duca was to direct. The collection was a commercial success for Pauvert, who saw his titles reprinted. This success did not prevent the publisher from being the target of censorship in a large number of countries. Titles were seized at customs in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and the United States. Nice set.
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